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Ozeal Love

Since 2013, Ozeal is organizing in partnership with non-profit organizations in Asia a "GIFT PROJECT".

Glasses from Ozeal together with customers'wishes are delivered to the individuals

in need as gifts. Starting from Asia, we will soon reach other places in the world.

Ozeal commitment

100,000 pairs of glasses from Ozeal will be given away each year since 2013.

Glasses will change their life

Almost 950,000,000 individuals have vision problem, 16% of them have no access to glasses.

You and Ozeal work together

Starting from Asia, we need your help to spread love to every corner of the world.


  • wishes   (customers)

    It is exciting to send gifts to someone in need. Write down the words that you hope to be delivered with Ozeal glasses. Let your words be the sweetest wishes from far away.

  • Delivery  (Ozeal)

    Ozeal delivers a pair of our glasses and your wishes to the person in need. Ozeal makes sure the right prescription glasses for the right person.

  • Feedbacks  (Ozeal)

    Ozeal sends you back every detail when the person receives the gift. You will be the first to know where your wishes go, who receive the gift and how you've been helpful.


Write down your wishes to those in need. Let them hear you.

Join in our "Gift Project" and ask others to get involved as well.